An Open Letter to TV writers everywhere…

Dear TV show writer,

I worship you when you get it right. When you write these amazing characters that have enough story in them to hook us in and captivate us viewers to debate and dissect them for hours and hours. I love when you create crazy chemistry between two people and understand the need to make us wait seasons and seasons for the them to get together and then immediately break them up again to keep us all interested (even though we wish you wouldn’t, I understand that you know what’s best for me in this situation). I think it is so cool the way we wait captivated on every word uttered by a favourite character; terrified of missing a mere utterance that could change the shape of their life and the direction of my favourite show forever.

At the same time, as heartbreaking as it is, all shows must come to an end. The shows like Lost and Entourage and How I Met Your Mother, have a specific end date in sight and the whole series is written to get you to the last episode. Okay, knowing that you still have a few seasons left gives you a bit of lee-way to crush my hopes and dreams occasionally and trigger month long rants and sometimes make me boycott an episode or two. Because you can fix what you tore asunder and get back on the right track before the series ends.

However, dear TV Show writer, if you know that your show is most likely going to be cancelled or that it already has been cancelled, why on earth would you leave the series finale on a massive cliff hanger with the central couple at odds???????? Why?????? It makes me insane! It is just so callous and cruel. You are the only one who can fix this, and you have left your audience adrift and hopeless.

I just finished the series finale of Hawthorne, which was cancelled suddenly. But still, we all knew it was on the edge. To leave the central couple apart, and one person shot and possibly dying in the street? Really writers??? This is not the only show to leave me hanging, just the last in a long line of frustration and sadness. Veronica Mars is another example of a seriously lacking finale. I am still too sad about that one to discuss further. So in closing – if you think this may be your last season, please write the characters out with dignity and keep your loyal viewers in mind. We have watched so many episodes and all we want is to know that our favourite characters are continuing on in their world happy and together. If your show is suddenly cancelled and you really didn’t see it coming, would it be so terrible to post a blog to let us know how they all ended up?

Gratefully yours,

Sad TV Viewer


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