Vampire Diaries…alone…

Okay, so this week, Xandrarama and I were forced to watch The Vampire Diaries apart.  I felt so sad about this that here I am, blogging as I watch in order to still share my viewing musings with her and all of you as well.  So if you haven’t watched this week’s TVD yet, or don’t care about TVD, stop reading now.  For the rest of you…here are my stream of consciousness thoughts as I watch this week’s episode:

Elena’s hair looks glossy and beautiful as usual.

haha, slept like a baby, woke up Alaric.  Damon kills me. Power tools and vampires – fun!! I like that Stefan is still using his Ripper voice – it’s hot. And on a side note – that is alot of good hair in one room – I am just saying. OMG does anyone care about Caroline’s dad?  Please kill this storyline, please.  whatever. Ah and here is poor Matt. I love it when people say Niklaus.  It sounds fun. I love it when the Salvatore brothers work ensemble. Beefcake holds bombshell.  ha

Klaus is on facebook – hahahaha Everybody’s funny tonight even Alaric. oh it’s crazy Rebekah, yea.  The shirtless scene must be coming up – yea for Xandrarama!! You know, why does Elena keep trying to get in touch with Bonnie?  Bonnie is possibly the most boring person on earth, and not a great friend either. Move it along. Stefan is so cute, even when he is just on the phone.  I think it is the hair. I love that Klaus and Rebekah are having a little sibling argument about how best to torture Damon – including eye rolling.  I love this show. How fun that Jeremy got a puppy 🙂 Caroline just called Rebekah Buffy – heh. I keep waiting for Alaric to have a psychotic break while he pouring his apology out to Caroline. Now they are sharing killing stories, how sweet. Gosh I hope that isn’t really Elena.  well nice of her to save him, but how long til they get caught?  What a little skank, offering her blood like that. That is worse than kissing!!  I like how I say that with absolute certainty as if I am the ruler on all Vampire affairs.  Oh good it was a dream.  I am not sure I could have handled that. Why would Bonnie want to find her mother?  She is completely useless and always leaves anyhow. Where do you want this? (Klaus asking Bonnie about his blood) Funnest line so far tonight.  He kills me. Heehee, I love that look Stefan gave Finn and Sage. Good team work guys!! Of course Bonnie has ruined the plan by working her spell.  As usual.  Bonnie sucks. I can’t believe Bonnie just left Damon.  Wow Bonnie sucks even more than usual. I wonder if anyone cares that Bonnie is sobbing?  If that was Elena there would be two vampires and a quarterback fighting to console her. Okay Caroline now takes over for best line of the night – I miss well-adjusted Stefan. Yucky Sage death…ick. Nice twist.  Vampire species all dying…nice twist.  Didn’t see that coming. I love the look Klaus gives Rebekah when Stefan hands over the stakes – like, do I have to take care of every evil element of every evil plot by myself? That Damon hand thing was kind of gross. Okay I am rolling my eyes right now, because the second they figured out that when the original died so did all the people he turned, I figured out that Klaus turned Tyler so that didn’t bode well for his future. Now everyone else is finally coming to this conclusion.  Do they even watch this show??? I quite enjoyed Klaus’ speech to Stefan about how he gave him a target to hate…funny… Klaus is threatening to kill everyone Stefan loves blah blah blah.  Give us something new. Been there done that.  Can he start with Bonnie? I wanted a family, they just didn’t want me.  Well, Klaus maybe if you hadn’t put them in a box for 900 years… I’ll be a ball of sunshine…teehee Stefan… HMph.  Well.  I didn’t like that part.  My poor Stefan.  :-(. Maybe Elena could just go with Damon, and then I could have Stefan?? I would not be a traitor. I know that last scene was supposed to be fabulous, but I am still just feeling sad for Stefan.  Big sigh…ho hum… How long is TVD going to keep me in this misery??? Oh well…now I am on hold until April 19.


2 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries…alone…

  1. I missed the Klaus on Facebook comment – I will have to rewatch! I like that one of the Salvatores referred to Matt as a Lost Boy. Matt is too young to have seen that movie, but it makes sense that a 165-year old would be making 80s movie references to teenagers.

    Don’t blame the characters for being slow… I totally forgot about Tyler, too… He has been gone so long now.

    Skanky for administering what equates to vampire first aid? You are a harsh task mistress!

    I thought Stefan was very sweet in that last scene, but I’m not sure why he thinks Elena’s feelings for Damon run as deep as being ‘in love’, given that all she ever does in Damon’s presence is scowl at him &/or yell at him for corrupting Stefan. Compare that to her weekly heartfelt speeches to Stefan about how she’s never stopped loving him, will never give up on him, etc. Either Stefan is being paranoid or the show is ‘telling not showing’ us how Elena really feels. Either way, I’m not convinced. Being reluctantly attracted to somebody you are friends with & not wanting them to die does not equal being in love as far as I know.

  2. Oh yes, this time it was actually a good thing that Bonnie ruined the big plan, otherwise all the Originals would be dead, Stefan, Damon, & Caroline would be dead, and the only characters left would be Elena, Matt, Alaric, & Bonnie. I would not watch that show.

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