My boy turns 11

Well my boy turns 11 today.  I still remember his birth like it was yesterday, him opening his eyes and drinking in the world from his very first seconds.  He has pretty much kept us running from day 1 :-).

He is the coolest kid and constantly surprises us.   A couple of recent conversations:

We were driving in the car on the way home from school and he said something silly. I made a little joke and asked him if he was tired. “No, Mom, my brain was just addled for a second.”

My Dad was asking the kids to stay at the cottage with them this week over his birthday and asked him why he needed to be at home. His response? “For sentimental reasons Grandpa.” He is so funny!

His words on turning 11:  “I’m finally 11! Legitimately into my double digits!

He is full of contradictions and is always thirsting for more knowledge on every subject.  His favourite bands are Judas Priest, Rush and Great Big Sea. He loves dancing hip hop, lacrosse, chess, drums and hockey. He reads voraciously, and still loves when I read to him. I can’t wait to see what new hobbies and sports 11 brings :-).

Happy birthday to my baby boy!! xoxo


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