A Teenager Among Us

Today my baby girl turned 13. She was bat mitzvah last year, which officially makes her an adult, but I think we all know a teenager is much scarier. She arrived into this world 13 years ago at 7:36pm after what felt like a million hours of labour – but one look into those blue eyes and all was forgiven.

Now those blue eyes are rolled regularly at me – which to tell the truth most of the time I find amusing. I love the woman she is becoming, and am so very happy that she hasn’t become a mean girl. I live in terror of raising a mean girl!

She is kind to others, and sticks up for what’s right. Jumps in to defend her friends and her brother too. She isn’t embarrassed by me yet, and is still happy to share a dance with me in our kitchen. (Neighbours, sorry for the impromptu shows)

I always joked with the kids as they were growing up that when they became teenagers they would lose their minds, start acting crazy and disown their parents. So far, it looks like I may have been exaggerating a wee bit. I hope it lasts! Gosh I love my girl so much and I hope all her dreams continue to come true and she stays fabulous, funny and kind 🙂


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