Further Update on the List…

On January 5, I posted this list of things I want to do this year, and on June 6 I posted an update…Here is my latest update in italics

1 – I ran my half marathon 10 days ago…it was my worst half-marathon since my first one.  I even semi-injured myself…oh well.  I am feeling pretty disappointed about it after all my training.  I guess I need to run another one now to redeem myself!!  Still not sure when I will run another half…

2 – I am waiting for registration to open for the 9-run-run and will be running that 10km race at the end of October…whether I can do it under an hour remains to be seen…stay tuned.  I did it in 1:00:14!!! I am so happy and proud of myself…

3 – I did celebrate my 40th with a lot of style.  I had a fabulous party with all my wonderful friends – was so much fun!! I wonder if I can get away with turning 40 again next year?

4 – With a birthday gift certificate, I bit the bullet and bought myself a Kobo – and as everyone said I would, I absolutely love it.  I have also added a pretty case and a light…the accessories are half the fun!  They just came out with a koboglo so I think I will actually have a second e-reader before the year is out 😉

5 – I still need to buy myself some Tiffany, but I did get my first Tiffany (a beautiful bracelet) from a special friend for my birthday – it is beautiful and I love it so much!  No further Tiffany since the last update – still love my bracelet so much!

6 – Landscaping in our garden – well to be honest, I have played more of a bystander role in this operation.  My husband has however been making some slow progress on our front gardens.  We continue to find hysterical things in our overgrowth such as statues, dog toys, pool supplies and assorted oddities.  It is only June, so lots of time to keep working on getting our gardens under control this summer.  And we bought the pumpkin seeds and are planting them this weekend…  I am pretty proud of what we got done this year.  All of the front gardens were cleaned up and kept weed-free for the summer.  Next year we can tackle the back gardens and start getting a little fancy.

7 – I have definitely read 12 new authors so far this year – I have been reading like crazy since January, there are so many great books out there.  I just finished Fifty Shades which was great fun, and also read The Hunger Games which I loved.  Still reading everything in sight.  Just finishing the latest Kathy Reichs, also read Bared to you, Unbroken and Wildflower Hill recently.

8 – Okay I still haven’t cooked anything from my vegan cookbook – so that is still a to do on the list…I have another six months though ;-)  I cooked a few things!  We made Mac and Trees – which was macaroni and fake cheese and broccoli – the kids loved it.  Also made falafel which was outstanding.

9 – Learn a new skill – well I haven’t really done this either – although I am taking on the usher role for the first time at one of my daughter’s recitals this weekend…Not exactly a new skill, but I started knitting again for the first time in 10 years…so I am sort of learning 🙂

10 – Still looking for something humanitarian to add to my crazy life.  Hopefully over the summer I will have the time and energy to devote to this. I ran in the Run for the Cure race in September and with a team from work we raised $3000.  It was so much fun and such a great cause.  I think this will be an annual event for me.

I think I have hit everything now on the list – time to come up with a new list for next year…


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