Breaking Dawn Excitement

I know I am an adult and not a 15 year old.  I know I am supposed to be all mature and refined and lah-di-dah.  But for some reason I am still very much a 15 year old at heart.  I love Twilight.  I just love it.  I loved the books, and have read them all many times.  I even have multiple copies of each book – hard cover, trade paperback and paperback, and even one special edition.  I am re-reading Breaking Dawn as we speak to prepare for the premiere.  Not that I don’t already know what happens, but because I am so excited and just want to totally immerse myself in my love for this story before I see it for the last time on the big screen.  And by last time, I mean last time of several viewings of Breaking Dawn part 2.  People act all shocked when I tell them I am going to the midnight showing, and they roll their eyes and make some comment about high literature blah blah blah.  These people just don’t get me at all.  I love books and when a story hits me the right way I just can’t get enough of it.  And to be able to share my love for a story with millions of others?  It is just soooo much fun!  I can’t wait to stand in line for 5 hours and talk about Team Edward vs Team Jacob.  I will hang with my two fellow twihards and we will eat Vampire cupcakes and obsess about how great this movie is going to be.  We will plan out our snacks and our outfits and our drinks and our arrival times like we are planning the arrival of Edward himself.  This is just all part of the fun.  The excitement.  Have I mentioned I love books?  Oh and I am Team Edward all the way.  Let the debates begin ;-).

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