Vampire Diaries – the book

If you have been reading my blog you know that I love The Vampire Diaries tv show.  It totally makes me crazy some times with all the back and forth and craziness, but I still remain obsessed with it.  I love Stefan best, but adore Damon too and really all the men and most of the women ;-).  I remain steadfast in my belief in Stelena, no matter what all the nay sayers say to persuade me differently.

I was looking at the ecatalogue of our local library with my daughter when we came across the Vampire Diaries books and she asked if she could read one.  (I am sure it will come as no surprise that like her mother she is also drawn to vampire literature).  I thought about the show, and said I would take the  first one out and read it and if it was tame enough she could read it.

I read it today.  I loved it!  But it is always so strange when books differ from the shows they are based on.  I missed Jeremy!  And who is this Meredith chick?  And why is Tyler’s last name Smallwood instead of Lockwood?  I also wonder if I can’t remember the first season that much, because I don’t recall Elena being so self-absorbed.  Stefan seems even hotter in print, and Damon more dangerous.  In the book, they are from Italy, and every now and then Stefan says an Italian word…I swoon when I read it, imagining his accent.  The other weird thing is Elena is blond!  Matt seems to be the only character that they took straight from the book, but his sister isn’t Vickie.

Overall it was a pretty tame read, so I passed it along to my daughter.  Now we are anxiously awaiting Book 2 to become available in the library.  I wonder if I will have to share my life-size cut-out of Stefan with my girl now?  Maybe she will need her own?


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