I went to a birthday party a year ago and someone had bought cupcakes that my kids could eat, egg-free and nut-free.  Usually when someone says that we are very grateful that they went to all the effort, but also a little skeptical because they usually don’t taste great.  My kids bit into these cupcakes and their eyes lit up – they tasted amazing!

My husband and I were curious, we are definitely pickier than they are.  I asked where they were from and the hostess told us the place she got them from was Thimblecakes on Bank Street.  I checked out their website and was amazed to find out that they were a completely egg-free nut-free bakery.  Wow!  Kind of like my dream bakery.

We were having a party ourselves so my husband and I headed down and bought six different flavours of cupcakes and tried them all.  The chocolate based ones were all amazing.  Very moist and light and rich in flavour.  The vanilla based ones are okay but a bit heavier and not as moist.  We bought a bunch for the party and the guests loved them.

Now I have a place to go to when I want to surprise my kids with a sweet treat, but don’t feel like baking!  My favourites are the red velvet and chocolate love.  The kids also love the viva puff and birthday cake ones.  They also make gluten free cupcakes, which are very good.  Thank you Thimblecakes for changing my life!!!

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