Enjoying my girl

I have always been a little intimidated by thirteen.  Everyone tells such horror stories about living with teenagers, I have been a little worried about how much my relationship with my children may change when we got to this age.  My daughter officially became a teenager this summer, and I have found so far that I quite like this age.  Sure she is a bit moodier and loves to hang with her friends, but not to the point where it annoys me.  At the same time, we are really enjoying so many things together!  We are reading many of the same books, and then having long conversations about the characters and the plot twists and our favourite moments.  This is so special to me as reading is my favourite thing and getting to share it with her is so terrific.  We can watch movies and tv shows together too and it is stuff that I enjoy watching.  We both really like The Voice right now, and it is fun to curl up and review the contestants’ performances and outfits together.  I love to hear her point of view and find out what she finds interesting and exciting.  We listen to music together and we have a lot of long drives every day to dance where we just turn the music up loud and sing along together.  We also spend that time talking about her life and day to day interests and hopes and dreams.  She asks me for advice or tells me how she handled a difficult situation.  She has such a good outlook on things, and is just great at navigating her life.  This weekend we are having a girls’ weekend while the boys are at a hockey tournament.  We watched Breaking Dawn 1, and went shopping and got cupcakes and stuff to make a fun dinner.  I hope fourteen is this much fun too!


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