xoxo I’ll miss you Gossip Girl


Here we are, only 3 episodes left of Gossip Girl.  I have to say in some ways I am glad it is ending, going out on a strong note, instead of having half the characters leave town and trying to restart with a new cast.  I am really only interested in the originals and their storylines at this point.  But at the same time, I will miss so much about this really fun show.  I started watching solely because my  beloved Kristen Bell was doing the Gossip Girl voiceovers.  I was so lonely after the loss of Veronica Mars I wasn’t sure what the next big show would be for me.  Am I ever glad I tuned in!  A list of what I will miss most:

1 – Lonely Boy’s hair – I will miss Dan so much, including his ever changing hair.   I love his facial expressions and sometimes ridiculous curls, and his acerbic wit.  I hope he gets cast somewhere else stat! Waiting to see what state his hair would be in each week was always a highlight.  Last season’s incredible bouffant curls became a conversation topic for me after each episode.  Would he cut it?  Would he put some gel in it?  When Blair started commenting on it too, I knew it was becoming a bit of a cult thing.

2 – Blair’s head gear – Blair always seems to be wearing something in her hair, starting with her early days of hairbands.  She has upped her game over the years, trying on hats fit for royalty while being engaged to Louis, to the horrid green turban/headband she was wearing this season.  I love wondering what they will put on her head next.

3 – Chuck pseudonyms – I love love love when they use Chuck to replace everyone’s favourite F word.  They have been pretty blatant with it over the years, and I always get a good giggle out of it.  He has been called a Mother Chucker, and told to go chuck himself many times.  I am hoping the writers squeeze one more in before the series ends.

4 – Lily’s elegance – Lily always manages to look perfect.  Her hair is always done in some fabulous style, that looks like it took hours.  She always has stunning jewelry and fabulous yet conservative outfits.  I hope to look like Lily when I grow up.

5 – Georgina’s evil ways – I am not sure if there has ever been a villain on a show that was so fabulous.  Really, she just oozes her bad ass attitude and everyone loves her for it.  She never pretends to be something she is not, she embraces her scheming ways and almost always succeeds.  I have particularly enjoyed her pairing with Dan this season – what an unlikely duo.

6 – Unrealistic career paths – From Nate’s running a newspaper with zero journalism experience, Blair running a fashion empire without ever taking a course or designing anything, Gossip Girl writers have never shied away from fabulous careers for its uneducated stars.  Who needs a journalism degree when your grandfather is going to buy you’re a newspaper?  Just a side note that I was also very impressed with Blair’s ability to design an entire clothing line, have it manufactured and set up a pop-up store in what appeared to be 3-ish days.

7 – Chair – I love the epic-ness of Blair and Chuck.  I will miss their chemistry and scheming and sweet moments.  I will even forgive the writers the horrible crime of Louis, as long as they give me a satisfying wrap-up to their relationship.

8 – Derena – This season better end with Serena and Dan happily in love and planning a fabulous life together.  I have always loved this couple and think of the fabulous looking children they will have?  And really, after the first season when Dan made her the room full of snow how could this couple not make it?  And since they are no longer together in real-life, I at least deserve a faux-happy ending no?

9 – The clothes – oh the outfits!  Chuck’s crazy bowties, his onesie, Serena’s ever crazy dresses and get-ups, Blair’s horrible designs, but perfect clothing, Ivy’s backless top and thigh-high socks…the entertainment is endless.

I have really enjoyed this show over the years and am very much looking forward to a truly fantastic ending 🙂

xoxo, VMchick.


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