Chess Match…4 years ago

Just found this draft of a post I wrote 4 years ago…never published it…but it still makes me smile so I am sharing it tonight 🙂

My son was complaining that no one would play chess with him.  My daughter isn’t interested and it was  never my favourite game so I enlisted my husband.  My son had read a chess book this past week and was all primed and ready to go.  Right off the bat I can hear my husband arguing about a move my son made, saying it wasn’t allowed.  My son said he read the play in a book and it was a special play for pawns.  So in order to keep the peace, I ran up to his room, retrieved the book and brought it downstairs.  He immediately checks the index, finds the name of the play he’s looking for, flips to the page and hands it to my husband.  It is a play called En Passant.   My husband had never heard of this special play and realized he was about to get his butt kicked by his 7 year old son :-).  I diplomatically left the room.


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