Crazy time of year…priorities

It’s that crazy time of year – rushing around like mad, trying to get all the normal things done but at the same time, celebrating eight nights of Chanukah, going to parties, small gatherings, last minute shopping trips to get one last gift.  And for me, the added stress of trying to read and watch tv at my usual pace.  I know a normal person would step back and say, well I’ll read a little less, and these tv shows will hold until January.  But no freaking way am I stepping back.  That’s my stuff!  I need to read…I need to finish my current book so I can read the book club book before Sunday…and yes I do want to read the next book in the series first.  Which means 3 books before Sunday’s book club.  A normal person wouldn’t do this to herself.  I find myself resenting invitations out – what do you mean you want to go out for holiday drinks?  I have a book to read!  Don’t even get me started on tv…the problem with getting behind on tv shows is that you get spoiled…if anything big happens it is all over the gossip sites and twitter and facebook…so I can’t fall behind on that stuff either.  I guess I can hold off on sleep until January?


Books about TV!!


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