Mortal Instruments is killing me

I am reading the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare – and it is so wonderful!  I love that there are all these books with strong female heroines (Clary) for my teenage daughter to read.  And the story is soooo good.  And Jace is so yummy and exciting.  I love all the peripheral characters too – Alec and Magnus and Simon and Isabelle and now Jordan…These books are amazing.  However – they are killing me!  The cliffhanger at the end of each book is honestly just about more than I can handle.  When I finished book 3 I thought the series was done and was so sad that I didn’t get any actual real Jace and Clary time.  I felt so ripped off!  Then my daughter told me there was ANOTHER book.  BEST. NEWS. EVER.  So I devoured book 4, and was so happy that right at the end I was getting my happy ending.  And stayed up super late to get to it.  Only to have it end on the BIGGEST cliffhanger yet.  NOT HAPPY!!!  I was freaking out when my daughter told me there was yet ANOTHER book and she had it!!  So I start reading it tonight…can’t wait.  And damn, it better end with Jace and Clary in happy love-ville and evil Valentine and Sebastian and all other villains dead as dead can be. I am not sure my heart can take any further surprises ;-).  Did I mention there was  movie coming out soon???


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