I am not finishing it!!!

I am angry with JK Rowling.  And  myself as well for not trusting my instincts.  I have a bit of a rule – if an author writes a really amazing series, like Twilight or Harry Potter, that I love so much and re-read over and over, and then they decide to write a very different kind of book to break away from the first series, I avoid it like the plague.  Because I liked the first series…and this book will be the opposite of it.

So there was absolutely no way I was going to read Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling.  But it was on the best seller list for ever, and magazines kept writing up little blurbs about how good it was.  And then my book club at work chose it for this month’s book.  Even so, I waited until the week before book club to start it.  Usually I can finish any book (other than the Game of Thrones) in about 2 days…so this should have been a piece of cake. Well let’s just say that Casual Vacancy actually made me stop reading.  Normally if I have even 2 extra minutes anywhere I am squeezing in a couple of pages.  This book made me want to cook a little more, watch a little more tv, read a magazine or two.

I HATE this book.  I hate every single character in the book.  There are no redeeming qualities in any of them.  I made it through 62% of the book, I really gave it my best shot.  I have only ever stopped reading 1 other book in my entire life.  It was just such an unpleasant boring story.  The language was coarse and vulgar.  The storyline was so slow and uneventful.  Really I couldn’t care less what happens to these people.  Why do authors do this?  There is no way this book would have been published if it wasn’t written by an already successful author.  When you have the power to write a series as monumental as Harry Potter, why would you use this power to turn out such a terrible book?  And really, none of her editors or agents or friends had the heart to tell her how awful it was?  I am so disappointed.  It’s a book about the Dursley family without the light and life of the wizards.  Big Sigh.  I am not finishing it…

Casual Vacancy


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