Running and Reading :-)

I am back in the running groove and feeling great.  I took a running hiatus for November and December – not a complete stop, but I only ran a few times over the last two months.  I am not really sure why – no real reason behind it.  Sometimes my life gets busy and I just stop making time for the running.  I was still getting exercise in other ways like walking the dog, but really nothing works for me like running.  I feel so good when I am training for something – my body feels strong, my mind is clear, my mood gets even happier.  Sometimes in the cold weather I get a little miserable and just want to curl up in a ball with a blanket on and read incessantly by the fire.

Three weeks ago I started running consistently again, knowing I have a 10km race around the corner.  I have been running with a friend at lunch during the week and doing longer runs on the weekend.  Today, my running partner is off and I felt like just reading through my lunch, but knew I had to fit that damn run in as after work is just too hectic.   I decided to merge both my worlds, and brought my kobo, changed the font size to GINORMOUS, and read while I ran.  I also increased my treadmill speed since I knew I could get away with it as I would be so absorbed in my book.  Sooooo…my run is done, I got to read, and I am feeling groovy 🙂


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