The Spinning Bike

The Spinning Bike of Doom

My friend talked me into joining her in a spinning class today. I have never ever done a spinning class before. I am not a real bike rider, and sure when I was a teenager I biked all over town, but since I got my car, it has not been my favored mode of transportation. Upon completion of my inaugural spinning class, I put together a little list for your reading pleasure:

Ten reasons why Spinning Class may not be for me:

10 – I couldn’t read while I spin (let’s be honest, I thought about it, but decided it would be too rude)

9 – When the instructor told us for the 17th time in 4 minutes to crank it a little higher, I started cranking my tension lower, figuring it was the only way I would get through the class.

8 – My butt actually hurt before the warm-up ended.

7 – The toes of my left foot fell asleep within the first 10 minutes of class and no matter how much wiggling I did, they would not get back in the game.

6 – After spending 10 minutes (with help) getting my bike adjusted before class started, 3 seconds in I realized that the handle bars were too far away. Wow does that ever make the next 45 minutes even longer.

5 – Just when you think you can’t peddle for another second, the instructor introduces “jumps” where you peddle standing up, then sitting down, for about 30 seconds each, 30 times in a row. Are you kidding me? I did about 8 in total.

4 – I spent much of the 45 minutes worrying I would fall off my bike. Seriously. I didn’t fall off.

3 – I needed about an extra foot in height to manage to sit on the seat, hold on to the bike and still reach my water bottle.

2 – You had to stretch while using various parts of the bike to better your stretching position. I am just not that coordinated. I spent a lot of time worrying about falling into the bike.

1 – Everyone else in the class apart from me actually seemed to like biking.

Okay, let’s face it. I am not a spinner. But will I try it again? Probably. I feel like I need to at least become remotely competent at it before I throw in the towel. I wonder if I can bring in a gel seat for my butt?


2 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. 10 – really?
    9 – rookie mistake. Don’t always do what they say. Work within your limits.
    8 – Butt doesn’t hurt after a week or two.
    7 – I highly recommend you use biking shoes. Running shoes are too flexible and the cages put pressure on other areas of your foot that isn’t good.
    6 – You should stop, adjust and continue. It takes a class or two to find the settings best for you.
    5 – Nobody likes the jumps.
    4 – See 7 and 6.
    3 – See 6.
    2 – every instructor does different stretches. Do what you like and achieves the goal.
    1 – There is a good reason.

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