A good pair of jeans is priceless


For me, no piece of clothing makes me feel as good as a great pair of jeans. I have been in the market for a pair for a while now…and by while, I mean years. I think the last great pair of jeans I bought was right after my children were born and funnily enough, I just gave that pair to my daughter. I have been lusting after a pair of 7 jeans or True Religion jeans, but really, who has $200 to blow on a pair of jeans? Not I. Even at the outlets where they are $120 I can’t get my head around spending that much. So I kept looking. A couple of weeks ago I went cross border shopping for the weekend with my friend, and the only thing I had my eye on was a great pair of jeans. So we looked at and tried on about 20 pairs of jeans…nothing. So we bought some shoes instead (which was pretty fun too). Then at our last stop, which was Kohl’s, where I was stocking up on some items for the kids, I decided to take a trip into the Juniors section and see what they had. When my friend and I were in our early 20s we used to always shop in the Juniors section because everything was cheaper there, so it was kind of fun walking down memory lane. The jeans are just a lot more fun in that section than in the women’s section. I found a few pairs, tried them on and bam! Fell in love with one pair of Angels jeans. They are dark blue with good fading and fabulous rhinestoned back pockets. They make me feel 6 feet tall! Okay 5.5 feet tall – which is still a lot of tall for me! I also feel slim and fabulous in them. I have worn them a few times and everyone comments on them. They are just super cool jeans. I am good for at least another 5 years. The best part is that they were originally $39.99, down to $17 with an extra 30% off so I got them for $12. Seriously. Best Jeans Buy Ever.



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