TVD – Stand by Me

Here is a live blog of my thoughts while I watched the Stand by Me episode of The Vampire Diaries. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should probably wait to read.

The episode starts with a broken picture frame and I remember Jeremy is dead. Well maybe…
Elena is sad. Meh. I am sad because I will miss Jeremy but Elena irritates me now pretty much 24/7.
The Salvatore brothers are working together! Yea! Of course it’s to help Elena…but still.
How come everyone but Elena knows the ring won’t work? Eye roll.
I like the Damon/Rebekah chat. I am anxious to see Rebekah and Katherine interact.
Bonnie wakes up. Of course she missed everything. Stupid Shane is okay? How is that possible? Oh of course Silas bloody healed him. Now we will never get rid of Shane. Blah.
I like that Stefan is going to let Damon break the bad news to Elena. Perks to not being the one 😉
I love that Stefan and Caroline are besties now…makes me soooo happy. While they are chatting I am noticing how great Stefan’s hair is looking today. I like his jacket too – looks snuggly. Just sayin. Ew gross, he is decomposing. Seriously ew.
Rebekah looks like she is wearing very fancy Ugg boots. I like. Oh wow Damon is going to kick that cute hunter’s ass.
Blah blah blah Bonnie and Shane scene blah blah blah.
Can Elena smell Jeremy decomposing? Hello Dr Fell, welcome! Oh wow, Stefan is letting her tell Elena that he isn’t coming back. Brave move Mr Salvatore. Elena meltdown. Oh and here is the lovely Matt, clueless and human as usual. And Elena is comforting him? Meltdown to comforting is zero seconds. Those are ugly mugs. Ick. They could do better.
Ooooh I like the new hunter. Rebekah is bad ass. Her threats are on a whole other level. Even Damon has respect.
Oh I am sorry I took a nap during the Bonnie Shane scene.
And Stefan is cleaning up Elena’s mess while she is out with Matt. Dude needs to move on. It is fun to see Stefan and his real wife hanging on the show. Happy smile.
I like that the show does a lot of long close-ups of Stefan and Damon…nice.
Matt has a nice face. Elena doesn’t deserve all these cute men. Matt needs a freaking story line.
I like the hunter’s voice. I have no idea what his name is. I am sure they have mentioned it. For now he will be the hunter with the hot accent.
Caroline, stop calling Tyler. What if Klaus is bugging his phone? Have you never seen a cop show?
Ok Bonnie has lost her mind. Again. I love that the brothers are together – sharing info, plotting. Yea! Their scenes are too short. This show needs a heck of a lot more Stefan and Damon (preferably with Klaus too) and a LOT less of Elena.
Crazy Elena is a little more fun. I hope she gets all the vampires out of the house before she lights it on fire. I think she may regret not saving any keepsakes from her house and family. Just sayin.
I miss Katherine.
I think Damon may regret turning off Elena’s humanity…we’ll see I guess next episode. Maybe she will be more interesting that way?
As Caroline calls Klaus for the 30th time this episode, Where is Klaus??? I miss Klaus!!!!
Ooooh suddenly the show has gotten all Blair Witch Project – back on the island and Rebekah is alone in the dark…huh – interesting twist. Shane is dead. So is Silas walking around looking like Shane? Good to know.
Oh Matt is sad…poor Matt. Why doesn’t he have anyone to cheer him up?
Nice last scene with my Salvatore boys…so much pretty on one tv screen. And sweet Stefan always making Damon feel better.
I was wondering if she was still going to light the house on fire. Glad they all made it out safe and sound before it blew up.
Bye Jeremy – I am sad to see you leave the show. I always enjoyed you :-(.


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