Pretty Little Liars

The girls looking fabulous

The girls looking fabulous

My new TV obsession is Pretty Little Liars. I actually started watching it a year ago with my tv buddy Xandrarama, but after about 12 episodes we were bored so we moved on and left it in the dust. Fast forward a year and a bunch of people telling me it is great and I need to watch it, I decided to catch a couple more episodes. I am not sure if I became less critical or the plot suddenly got better but I am now irrevocably hooked! Some things to love about Pretty Little Liars:

1 – My husband pointed out that all the boys on the show look like underwear models. They really do. It is sooooo fun. I am especially enamored with Toby and Caleb right now, but am only partway through season 2, so who knows what goodness lies in my future?

2 – The sheer hilarity of the main characters’ wardrobes. They honestly find the craziest get-ups for them to wear. They rival the styles of Gossip Girl.

3 – The twists on this show are crazy town. I never know what is coming next, and from me, that is saying a lot. There are so many villains and possibilities that they could potentially drag the mystery out for another 12 seasons.

4 – This show is where characters from hip tv shows of the 90s come to grow old. We have Holly Marie Combs from Charmed, Chad Lowe, Laura Leighton from Melrose Place, Nia Peeples – it is endless. Love it. Where is Jason Priestley? Why hasn’t Tori Spelling been cast yet?

5 – The end of each show totally creeps me out. It always ends with A doing something terrible and shocking and I am left wondering if I will be able to sleep. Seriously creepy stuff.


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