Sometimes reading can be hazardous to your health

Once upon a time I tried watching Party of Five while running on my treadmill, but each show had me in tears and I quickly found that crying and running are a very dangerous combination. I have since tried to steer clear of any emotional shows while running on the treadmill. Last week I was running at the gym in my office building. I was happily running away, well absorbed in my light supernatural read (Gates of Paradise by Melissa de la Cruz). All of a sudden, out of nowhere, one of my favourite characters gets killed! Just like that! And yes don’t you know it but I find myself, quietly crying, trying to pull myself together while running close to a bunch of colleagues. Crying also very much affects my breathing so I also find myself close to hyperventilation, and now my biggest fear of falling off the treadmill is looking all too possible. I find myself reading a sentence, then looking away from my book, breathing deeply, trying desperately to get my emotions and therefore my breathing under control. All the while well aware that I must look like even more of a crazy person than usual. It takes me about 10 minutes to get through a couple of pages, but not reading or skimming through is just not an option for me. I survived the run, and did not fall off the treadmill, but it was close my friends, a little too close. Perhaps only light comedy for the next few runs?

The book that endangered my run

The book that endangered my run


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