One hand in my pocket…

There’s just something about little boys…hard to put my finger on it. My son is sooo different from my daughter. While I was sorting laundry today, I was going through all the pockets and once again hit big with my son’s shorts. I really don’t think I have ever found anything in my daughter’s pockets. I am not sure if she even uses them. My son however since he was a wee lad has left me many surprises. I have found countless pencils, erasers and elastics. I have found stones ranging from pebbles to rocks so big I am unsure how he was even walking around with them in his pocket. I have found food, paper, toys, items from class. I have found several staple removers…I have no idea where he even finds these things. Today’s find was another head scratcher:


Today’s find…staples

So I am guessing he was filling the stapler and had a few extra so he stuck them in his pocket? I use these little finds as clues to his busy days…and they always make me smile.


2 thoughts on “One hand in my pocket…

  1. That’s too cute! I remember finding a handful of dead caterpillars in my son’s pockets. From then on, I reached inside the pants to the pocket lining and pushed the pocket inside out for fear of finding…oh, I don’t know…what could be worse? LOL I love your stories. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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