Caught between the two …

I am stuck tonight between two books!  This is of course a delicious problem to have.  I am kind of at fault for getting myself into this sticky situation.  The last book in the Crossfire trilogy came out and I of course started it right away.  Oh Gideon and Eva!  How I have missed you these last few months!!  Of course the book is fantastic and I can’t put it down.  I am 2/3 through it.  But I want to savour it.  I want to memorize every word and make sure I am really present when I read it as it is the last one of the series and I have enjoyed their story so much. 

So today when I went for my run at lunch, I decided to start another book and save Entwined With You to finish tonight.  I innocently chose the next book on my must-read list (a very very lengthy list as you can imagine), Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.  Well if it isn’t just as good as Entwined!  Abigail and Travis – how have I lived without you for so long?  And it’s a trilogy too – pure joy!! 

On the way home I actually read Beautiful Disaster, but tonight I have to finish ONE of them or I may burst.  Which one?  Which one I ask you???  I know, these are great problems to have.  But in my world, they are pretty BIG problems!!


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