My boy at 2 years old

My sweet perfect boy turns twelve years old today.  What a privilege it is to be a part of his life and get to hang out with him every day.  I LOVE this kid.  He makes me laugh constantly.  He has the worst table manners ever.  I assume this will change when he starts to wine and dine the ladies but for now I am stuck with a kid who stuffs an entire hot dog and bun in his mouth, then tries to add milk.  Seriously.  He has insane hair which I love love love and he is currently in the mood to grow it out so it gets a little crazier every day.  He loves words like I do, and will sit and contemplate the meaning and sounds of different words with me for hours.  He reads voraciously, curled up on the couch beside me, sort of snuggling, sort of taking up the whole couch with his tall, gangly, almost a teenager body.  He drums just enough for us to allow him to keep them in the dining room, and he is good enough that I have to do a little jig whenever he plays. He is still my partner in all things board game, and is kind enough to occasionally still let me win.  I am so smitten.  Happy birthday to my youngest not so much baby boy any more.


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