Gratitude a la Oprah

I had a rough couple of days but a few things made me smile, feel loved and so thankful for the people I surround myself with. Here is today’s gratitude journal.

– I am thankful for my favourite morning Starbucks barista for making me smile while he made me an earl grey tea.

– I am thankful for my friend letting me hide out in his office today at lunch, alone, so I could drown my sorrows in one of my favourite books.

– so grateful for Twilight and Edward and Bella for taking me away for a while today.

– so happy that my friend made us a pedicure appointment and spent a great 90 minutes chilling with me while my feet were perfected.

– it brightened my day when another friend treated me to a Laura Secord French frosted mint ice cream this afternoon.

– happy to have a lovely date night out with my guy

– so excited to come home to 2 episodes of Rookie Blue and for how great the eps were.

Gosh even on a bad day I’m a pretty lucky girl aren’t I? I should do this more often!


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