One of those days…

Did you ever have one of those days?  You know the kind I mean…that morning that you wake up and realize it is the middle of the summer, but yet you have a cold as if it was January 15th?  When you roll out of bed and snag your hip bone into the bedside table even though it would require acrobatics to do so?  You head in to the shower to try to clear your head so you can breathe, and for real, the hot water tank is on the fritz so there is no hot water.  The day just goes downhill from there, if even possible.  You miss the earlier bus and get stuck standing the whole way in, you have a lousy day at work, the bus ride home is even busier than the morning run, and now the bus is set to cool everyone down to a chill -40 degrees…

Then your wonderful husband suggests a dinner out to make you feel better, and so you decide on Montana’s, because sometimes you just really need a plate piled high with delicious, barbecued, gooey ribs.  You arrive at the restaurant, are told it is a 30 minute wait, but you are up for the wait, as the ribs are in the air and something good has to come from this lousy day.  You finally get seated, the waitress comes by to take your order, you order your rack of ribs, and the waitress cuts you off.  She says, “I am so sorry, but we are out of ribs”.  You laugh it off because she must be joking right?  How could Montana’s rib house be out of ribs?  There is a gigantic picture of ribs hanging over your table.  There are ribs on the cover of the menu.  She is NOT joking.  Montana’s is out of ribs.  Did you ever have one of those days?


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