My girl at 4 years

My girl at 4 years

In a million years, I never saw her coming.  From the very first moment she took my breath away with her beauty and those eyes and her quiet grace.  I never knew I wanted a daughter until I gave birth to her.  Now I cannot imagine life without her unbridled joy and enthusiasm for all things.  I cherish our long drives to and from dance where we take turns singing our hearts out and sharing our secrets and dreams.  I am over the moon that we love the same books and authors and genres of writing.  She is always leaving a new favourite book for me on my kobo or my bed, with a little stickie imploring me to drop everything and read this now!!  She is the perfect partner to watch the latest CW show, and cuddle up on the couch with a shared blanket.  I love love love to concoct new and fabulous dishes with her, ever since she was small snipping out recipes for me to get cooking.  She is zany and exuberant and funny and kind and generous and smart and full of joy and love and sensitivity.  She is everything.  She is fourteen today.


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