The Rosie Project

I just read The Rosie Project in 1 day! And a week day where I was working all day too. I kind of put off reading it as it had a lot of hype around it and that makes me hesitant some times. Which is odd as I usually love the much-hyped books (fifty shades, girl with a dragon tattoo, Harry Potter).

This book was chosen for my work book club and I had to have it read by Friday so I really left it to the last second. Within 1 chapter I was so hooked. It is so funny, witty, well-written and have I mentioned fabulous? All the characters are written to perfection and seeing them unfold in Don’s eyes is just so fantastic. I love the journey that all the characters go through and the way Don sees things. In one scene near the end I was sobbing and then laughing uncontrollably all at once. My husband thought I had finally lost it. You need to go out and get this book right now!

Read this now!


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