Song du jour

My daughter and I are totally grooving out to Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood in our nightly jaunts to dance.  I love the lyrics and beat and singer’s voice and just everything about it.

I haven’t watched the video (I don’t think I have watched a video since the ’90s but that is a whole other blog) but I think that’s a good thing.  Instead I have a whole video playing in my head when I hear the song.  I am sixteen again, and my hair flows fabulously and elegantly around my head to the cool breeze.  My super awesome boyfriend/vampire/werewolf/shadow hunter/super spy/whatever literary character I am loving this week is standing opposite me, wearing a rugged cable-knit sweater, and my hands are entwined in the holes…sigh…happy images 🙂

Basically the song conjures up thoughts and images of youth, love, happiness, staying cosy and warm with a loved one…

Here is the actual video I think…still not going to watch it though as I prefer my own!


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