The Fitted Sheet Club

Would someone please invite me to join The Fitted Sheet Club?  I know there is one.  I so desperately want to be a part of it too.  Let me be one of the cool kids!  Some of you are wondering what the heck I am talking about.  You are obviously not part of the club.  Let me explain.

Late at night, while most of us have passed out from the exhaustion of spending hours trying to fold a freaking fitted sheet, there exists a very select club of people who are laughing their asses off at the rest of us.  They quickly work their sheet folding magic and then recline on silken throws, while mythical creatures feed them grapes.

We all know who the members of this club are. They’re the women who knowingly nod sympathetically at you when you complain yet again about never figuring out how to fold a fitted sheet properly.  “I’ll show you later,” they say.  “Later” never quite comes does it?  “I’ll send you a link to a youtube video,” they say.  The link either doesn’t work, or leaves you more confused than before you watched it.  It is all part of the secret code of the club.  They aren’t allowed to let the rest of us mere mortals in on the secret, so we are left with our faces pressed against the crack of their linen closet door trying to decipher how they have achieved such perfection.

So, again, I beg, I plead, please let me into the club?


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