Karmic Chameleon

December was not a great month for me. Really not a great month. Nothing crazy serious or life changing happened, but enough little crappy incidents that I am beginning to think my karma may be in need of an adjustment. Even this horrible-no-good-terribly-cold and snowy winter is probably the result of my out-of-whack karma, so feel free to blame me. Now I am actively trying to figure out how to fix my karma. If only there was a how-to book for such a thing. Here are some things I am thinking about trying in order to turn things around:

1 – I have been reading a lot of smut lately. Perhaps I will read some Proust or Bronte or Austen to re-align my literary karma? Less vampires more English manors.

2 – Maybe I have gotten too cocky with my running schedule? I seem to have no problem getting my runs in so maybe the exercise gods are angry with me for thwarting them with my diligence? Today my regular treadmill was unknowingly switched to MPH and I almost killed myself when I set it to 10. I figure it was just trying to teach me a lesson regarding reading and running. Maybe I need to humiliate myself in a Zumba class or Spinning class to appease them?

3 – In order to change up my house karma I have ordered a Shark. Perhaps by steaming all my floors the grime and bad luck will get sucked right up and only sunshine and flowers will be in my future? (But not real flowers, we don’t want it to be too welcoming to wildlife)

4 – The cars both definitely need a shift in their current attitude. One just got hit, the other is making some very terrible and frightening noises. It’s time to break out all my cleaning supplies and make them glisten and sparkle from the inside. Plus if they really sparkle, hopefully someone would see the car before they hit it, even if it was dark and stormy?

Any other super ideas for Karmic realignment? Leave me a comment and let me know.


3 thoughts on “Karmic Chameleon

  1. …”hopefully someone would see the car before they hit it, even if it was dark and stormy?” – my favorite line in this post. I’m not sure karma is what you’re really bouncing around, here.

  2. Reading and running is just plain asking for trouble.
    And thanks for this weather, by the way. Does this mean that I have to wait for you to get your karma back in line it’ll warm up?

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