IMG_20140131_135202Hi, my name is VMChick and I have Seasonal Reading Addiction. People have lots of different ways to get through a long, dark, cold winter. I read my way through it. Reading is the ONLY thing I want to do when it is this miserable outside. And yes, I know, I read all year long. But I really do take it to new extremes during the winter months. I find myself drawn to books and stories like nothing else, it is absolutely my escape from this hateful weather. See, I have been reading so much that I have started calling the weather “Hateful”. Such a book word. I actually find myself reluctant to make plans with friends, as I know I only want to read. I am so unmotivated to leave my couch and my book. I bring my book everywhere, hoping people will be late so I can squeeze in a few extra pages. I hide out in dark corners, stealing some extra time, hoping no one will see me. I keep making myself break away from the book to do all the things I have to do, but it is amazing my family is getting fed, clothed and driven around right now, as I am absolutely obsessed with reading my next page. Luckily I have raised two big readers as well, so I can enjoy lots of family time reading side by side with my kids. Come to think of it, they must have SRA also, and I just haven’t noticed until now. I am so behind on my PVR right now that I have had to force myself away from reading for at least one show per evening just so that I don’t run out of room for recording more shows. But I may have to give up and just let some shows go as I am hopelessly behind and not inspired to watch tv, because I could be reading instead! I am happy to go to the gym, because I can read on my treadmill while I run. I am even happier to go the gym with my husband, as then he can drive and I can read on the way there and back as if I had just stayed home reading! Anyhow, gotta run now, as my book is calling me…


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