Feeling Good

I am on day four of a glorious 4 day long weekend.  Pure bliss.  The soundtrack running through my head is Feeling Good by Michael Buble.  Our lives are full, full of activities, full of fun, full of work.  A few times a year, I notice that my kids are starting to look a little vampirical (very pale faces, big black shadows under their eyes), I start to get cranky and my husband starts escaping to nap at every little opportunity.  I am not complaining, I love our life and all of its busyness.  It makes me happy and we all thrive in it.  But usually just when we start to go a little Twilight over here…a miracle happens.  A four day weekend.

Happy sigh.  Is there anything better?  The first day is spent reading, napping, eating, long walks…that kind of thing.  Day two I am thinking about running some errands, maybe fitting in a run.  Day 3 is power packed!  We are all rested and happy.  Time to declutter the house, do some serious gardening, take the dog for a really long walk.  And the best part is that there is still ONE MORE DAY OFF!!  Today I am preparing everything for the week ahead, good healthy meals, making sure we all have clean clothes, getting a few errands done before the week gets going.

I didn’t get enough reading done, but I am already one run ahead for the week, I have meals ready for the next few days, I am caught up on 4!! tv shows, have gotten some writing done, and finally tackled the back garden which has been my nemesis for the last three years.

Have I mentioned I’m feeling good?  When’s the next 4 day weekend???

A quiet place to read

A quiet place to read


8 thoughts on “Feeling Good

  1. Oh my goodness! You are SO right! We needed this long weekend more than ever before. I am always so amazed at how Easter (for us) weekend seems to bring with it good spring weather!

    Lovely post! So glad your weekend was great!

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