Treadmill Blues

So yesterday I am at the gym, running and reading on my treadmill as per usual. I was doing an 8km run and was going at a brisk pace, but reading made the time pass quickly. I always try to pick a treadmill on the end so that I don’t get boxed in by people, but alas all the end ones were taken. So I picked one with an empty treadmill to either side, and was happily going about my run when a big guy came and got on the treadmill to the left of me. No big deal, I said a silent prayer that he would not be a particularly smelly sweaty guy and carried on with my book. Another couple of kms go by and all of a sudden, I swear I feel a drop of liquid land on my left arm. I ignore it until again I feel a drop of liquid on my arm. I look up to make sure nothing is leaking – it has been raining a lot. OMG I think the guy beside me is sweating on me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think okay, only 3.5 km to go – I can suck this up. But then another drop lands. And another. My stomach starts to churn. I am now unable to read, just waiting for the next drop of sweat to land. I surreptitiously glare at the guy beside me. Then a few more drops land and yeah, I have to move. I don’t even care if he notices. I am out of there. The treadmill to the right of me is still open so I grab my book and move over and breathe a huge sigh of relief. Dodged that bullet. I am planning my 2 hour long shower to decontaminate myself when…what? Is that another freaking drop of sweat??? I look beside me – how is that guy’s sweat making it all the way over here? And then I realize…it isn’t his sweat at all…it’s mine. I am the gross sweaty guy. Ick. Glad I didn’t yell at him.


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