The Contact Chronicles – Part 1

I got contacts in February. My 12 year old wanted contacts and I figured someone else had to know what they were doing around here in case he needed help so I jumped in and tried them out too. Within a week, my son had mastered the whole process. He puts them in his eyes in one shot and takes them out with no drama. Not even one small hiccup over the last few months. The kid’s a pro. I am however a complete gong show. I still can’t always get them in my eye in one shot. Usually it takes a few tries to get them in. I have days where I obviously did something wrong as they irritate me all day long. And I have the hardest time getting them out. Why can’t I get them out??? I believe there are two methods for getting them out – the pinch and the slide. I use the slide as my nails are pretty long and I am worried about the consequences of too much pinch. So I stick my finger on the contact, slide it over and out at the corner of my eye. Except what keeps happening is that when I slide it over, it disappears. Sometimes it has fallen out – yea!!! And sometimes it went right back to where it was and I have to start over – not the worst thing to happen. And sometimes it has freaking disappeared. Which means I spend 10 minutes searching the floor and counter to make sure it didn’t fall out, and another 10 playing with my eye trying to find the darn thing. At which point my eye is tearing and miserable so I take a break. I then keep going back to find it, usually to no avail.

The other day, I spent hours trying to find it and eventually gave up and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I tried again to see it and get it out but I couldn’t find it – I finally figured it must have fallen out and I just didn’t notice. So I put a new contact in. All was fine until I was in the car driving to work when suddenly my eye starts tearing up and hurting…I take a quick glance in my rearview mirror and see two freaking contacts!! It reappeared! My first instinct was to try to get it out, but I was driving (with one eye at this point) as the other one was blurry from tears. I pulled into the parking lot and immediately popped it out – but they both came out. Then I had to get one of them back in, in my car using my rearview mirror.  I got it in and was able to go about my day, but wow my eye was irritated all day long after that. I looked a little crazy with one pinkish teary eye all day. I was half sad at everything ;). You may be wondering why I don’t just give up and go back to glasses – but really, when I can do it right, contacts are awesome. And have I mentioned I am pretty stubborn about things? Stay tuned for more Contact Chronicles…


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