Training Daze

I have been training for the half marathon at the end of May – training is now really gearing up and we are running 4 times a week with a longer mid-week run and a really long weekend run too. Usually by this point I am kind of done with all the training and running. Honestly the running isn’t too bad it is all of the scheduling that usually does me in. How to fit in an 8km run on a Wednesday afternoon between work and dance and make supper for the family and be a semi-present mother and not have to run at 10pm or 5am. You can see why the scheduling is more exhausting than the actual running.

This year is different though. I have made some changes that really work for me and have just simplified the whole scheduling process. I joined Goodlife which means I can run on my lunch hour and during my daughter’s dance classes – two opportunities every day to fit the run in with a bit less running around. My husband is running the half with me and so we are doing all of our long runs together which is just so wonderful. It makes such a difference when you are heading out into a rain storm for an hour and a half if the love of your life is going with you. A bit pukey, but yeah, true. He just makes the runs more fun, they go by quicker and I am always a bit happier when he is at my side. It is nice after a long wet run to have someone say, “Damn we are awesome for getting through that.” Much better than me just telling myself that in my head a lot.

My much crumpled and scribbled on training plan

My much crumpled and scribbled on training plan

And the other thing that I have started doing is I only read good books now while I run on the treadmill. If I am reading a bit of a dud or a boring read, I put it aside for the run and pick up an old favourite or something new that I have been dying to start. It makes the run fly by. Today I put aside my ho-hum current read and started Eleanor and Park which I have been dying to read forever, and my 8kms just sped past…and now I am not sure if I will pick the other book back up again ;).

All of these changes have been great and made the training so much easier this year. I feel ready for the run. And I feel like maybe, just maybe, if the next couple of weeks are good, I may do the full marathon next year. Maybe.


4 thoughts on “Training Daze

  1. Confession: I *totally* support “pukey” love. 🙂 That’s awesome!

    Going forward and running through a rainstorm is a GREAT metaphor for marriage, no?

    Go you!

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