Deconstructed, baby :)

No offense to the Earl but I *hate* sandwiches.  I know that is a weird thing to say but there is something about eating a sandwich that just turns my stomach.  Occasionally I make an exception, when the bread is just perfect, or the ingredients call out my name.  But for the most part the whole idea is just offensive to my stomach.  Here’s the catch.  I love all the components that go into a sandwich.  I like cheese, I like ham or roast beef or turkey, or even better salami.  I enjoy the extras like sliced pickles or cucumbers that add a little crunch.  The way I get around this is I make deconstructed sandwiches for lunch.  This is a pretty fantastic idea because it is way less work than actually making a sandwich, and easier for snacking throughout the day.  Usually a lot less messy to eat as well…nothing falls out, you don’t have to fit everything in your mouth in one bite, if there is no bread left, no problem.  I bring things like a hard-boiled egg/a few slices of salami/a square of pate, a couple of slices of cheddar cheese/a triangle of brie, some olives or pickles, and maybe some crackers (my beloved pita bites if the kids haven’t finished them already).  This is probably my favourite lunch in the world.  And also a good way to make things a little different for the kids when packing their next lunch.


2 thoughts on “Deconstructed, baby :)

  1. I am a lover of sammiches and really don’t understand your aversion, Bread is great, salami is great, cheese is great, lettuce and tomato are delish. Nothing satisfies like a great sammich, except a sammich that is made for you 😉

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