IMG_20141126_212612I’m no lyrical gangsta. Seriously.  I used to be.  I used to know every word to every song I loved and then somewhere along the way it all went to pieces.  I think I just got distracted and a bit deaf.    I love to sing along.  I pick up most words pretty quickly so that I can at least mumble/hum through it until I get it right.  I am in the car alone a lot so most of the time there is no audience for my inaccurate sing-alongs.  A lot of the time I ride with my girl, who if not singing along with me, will often mid-song, look at me and just sadly shake her head.  She corrects me occasionally, but I think she also enjoys my crazy adlibs and leaves me to my own devices for her own entertainment.  Two of my latest lyrical mishaps are as follows:

Jealous – Nick Jonas

He says: I turn my chin music up, and I’m puffing my chest, I’m getting red in the face, you can call me obsessed.

I sing: I turn my cheap music up, and I’m puffing my chest, I’m getting ready to face you, can call me obsessed.

I think my version is better.  What the heck is chin music anyway?  Seriously? If you know, please leave me an answer in the comments.

Break Free – Ariana Grande

She says: This is the part where I say I don’t want ya, I’m stronger than I’ve been before. This is the part where I break free, cause I can’t resist it no more.

I sing:  This is the part where I say I don’t wanna, I’m stronger than I’ve been before.  This is the part where I play it sweet, cause I can’t resist him no more.

Obviously, I would have been in better shape for getting the lyrics right if I had known the name of the song.  Insert red-faced emoji here.  Also, Ariana, while having a very beautiful voice, is not much of an enunciator.  😉

All of this to say, if you hear me singing along, and it sounds like I am singing a different song, I probably am, and I’m okay with it.  So if you aren’t, just move along or put your earbuds in.


Stay but better

30 Seconds to MarsWow, so two music posts in a row!  This is not my usual writing topic but I just can’t help myself.  I have been a huge fan of 30 Seconds to Mars ever since I first heard the song The Kill (Bury Me).  Jared Leto is the lead singer of the band and his voice just haunts me.  It is all raspy and dramatic and strong.  I could listen to that song over and over and over.  It is on my running ipod so I actually do listen to it on repeat sometimes.  And if you have been reading my blogs for years, you know that sometimes that includes dramatic arm movements while running as well.  It is an awesome song, you need to check it out if you don’t know it.

On the radio yesterday, they played Jared Leto doing a cover of Rihanna’s Stay.  It is so freaking awesome.  You can check out his version of Stay here.  Have I mentioned his voice gives me chills?  He just does it so much better than she does.  Funny because I always liked Mandy Moore’s version of Umbrella better than Rihanna’s as well.  Perhaps Rihanna could keep putting out music so that my favourite artists’ can cover it?

Song du jour

My daughter and I are totally grooving out to Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood in our nightly jaunts to dance.  I love the lyrics and beat and singer’s voice and just everything about it.

I haven’t watched the video (I don’t think I have watched a video since the ’90s but that is a whole other blog) but I think that’s a good thing.  Instead I have a whole video playing in my head when I hear the song.  I am sixteen again, and my hair flows fabulously and elegantly around my head to the cool breeze.  My super awesome boyfriend/vampire/werewolf/shadow hunter/super spy/whatever literary character I am loving this week is standing opposite me, wearing a rugged cable-knit sweater, and my hands are entwined in the holes…sigh…happy images 🙂

Basically the song conjures up thoughts and images of youth, love, happiness, staying cosy and warm with a loved one…

Here is the actual video I think…still not going to watch it though as I prefer my own!

A Team (not the tv show)

I am totally obsessed with the song A Team by Ed Sheeran.  a teamCompletely obsessed.  I love it – could listen to it over and over and over.  It is just so sad and scary and beautiful and real. I love his voice, I love the lyrics, I love the melody.  Have I mentioned I am obsessed with it?  If you haven’t heard it, check it out.  The first time I heard it my thirteen year old mentioned that her teacher plays it as a warm up song in one of their classes…I kind of feel like sitting outside her dance class waiting to hear it one more time…


Who knew that this guy had such a sad and melancholy song in him?


RIP Whitney

I was out for dinner with friends, and as we were leaving I glanced at my blackberry and saw the news that Whitney Houston had died.  I was devastated and shocked.  I immediately shed a few tears.  I really always believed in her comeback.  I know a lot of people are writing about her troubles, but I prefer to focus on her beauty, strength and voice.  Gosh I loved that voice.  Someone wrote recently that they heard God in her voice – I totally agree – every time she sang I felt her sparkle and her soul.  That woman could sing!! 

This picture is how I will remember her – so incredibly beautiful.  I will also remember her through the incredible musical legacy she has left us.  A few of my favourites:

1 – I will Always Love You – it is crazy how this song never gets old.  I can listen to it over and over and over.  I try to sing along but I am not even close to hitting those notes.  I figure Whitney wouldn’t mind though, she was cool like that.

2 – I Wanna Dance with Somebody – To me this was the fun Whitney, the song I would play while getting ready to hit the town.  She was so hopeful in this song, and so light and joyful.  It always brings a smile to my face.

3 – Greatest Love of All – This song is phenomenal.  I can still remember the first time I saw her perform it on tv – I was awestruck.  I think if she hadn’t done I Will Always Love You this would have been her signature.

4 – Exhale (Shoop Shoop) – I loved this song and movie so much that I started Waiting to Exhale nights with my friends.  We got together once a month and cooked together and hung out.  I own the movie and watch it every now and then…the next time I watch it I will be missing Whitney even more.

I could go on listing songs all night…but instead I think I’ll just go give her cd another listen…maybe you should too.

Marry Me

Ever since I first heard Drops of Jupiter, I have had a love affair with Pat Monahan.  His voice and lyrics just speak to me.  He is quirky, yet beautiful, fun, yet real.  I adore him.  Train’s newest hit, Marry Me is the most beautiful song I have heard in years.  It makes me want to remarry my man just so we can use it as our first dance.  (Which, let’s be honest, he never would have agreed to :-)).  Here are the lyrics…enjoy!

Forever can never be long enough for me
Feel like I’ve had long enough with you
Forget the world now we won’t let them see
But there’s one thing left to do

Now that the weight has lifted
Love has surely shifted my way
Marry Me
Today and every day
Marry Me
If I ever get the nerve to say
Hello in this cafe
Say you will
Say you will

Together can never be close enough for me
Feel like I am close enough to you
You wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love
And you’re beautiful
Now that the wait is over
And love and has finally shown her my way
Marry me
Today and every day
Marry me
If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe
Say you will
Say you will

Promise me
You’ll always be
Happy by my side
I promise to
Sing to you
When all the music dies

And marry me
Today and everyday
Marry me
If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe
Say you will
Say you will
Marry me