Summer Salads – Part 1 – Beet Salad

I am sharing my summer salad recipes over here today…


Wordless Wednesday

Rosh Hanikra

Rosh Hanikra

I just got back from the most amazing trip Israel…here is a picture of Rosh Hanikra…so beautiful. I wish I was still there.  Enjoy!

Training Daze

I have been training for the half marathon at the end of May – training is now really gearing up and we are running 4 times a week with a longer mid-week run and a really long weekend run too. Usually by this point I am kind of done with all the training and running. Honestly the running isn’t too bad it is all of the scheduling that usually does me in. How to fit in an 8km run on a Wednesday afternoon between work and dance and make supper for the family and be a semi-present mother and not have to run at 10pm or 5am. You can see why the scheduling is more exhausting than the actual running.

This year is different though. I have made some changes that really work for me and have just simplified the whole scheduling process. I joined Goodlife which means I can run on my lunch hour and during my daughter’s dance classes – two opportunities every day to fit the run in with a bit less running around. My husband is running the half with me and so we are doing all of our long runs together which is just so wonderful. It makes such a difference when you are heading out into a rain storm for an hour and a half if the love of your life is going with you. A bit pukey, but yeah, true. He just makes the runs more fun, they go by quicker and I am always a bit happier when he is at my side. It is nice after a long wet run to have someone say, “Damn we are awesome for getting through that.” Much better than me just telling myself that in my head a lot.

My much crumpled and scribbled on training plan

My much crumpled and scribbled on training plan

And the other thing that I have started doing is I only read good books now while I run on the treadmill. If I am reading a bit of a dud or a boring read, I put it aside for the run and pick up an old favourite or something new that I have been dying to start. It makes the run fly by. Today I put aside my ho-hum current read and started Eleanor and Park which I have been dying to read forever, and my 8kms just sped past…and now I am not sure if I will pick the other book back up again ;).

All of these changes have been great and made the training so much easier this year. I feel ready for the run. And I feel like maybe, just maybe, if the next couple of weeks are good, I may do the full marathon next year. Maybe.

The Contact Chronicles – Part 1

I got contacts in February. My 12 year old wanted contacts and I figured someone else had to know what they were doing around here in case he needed help so I jumped in and tried them out too. Within a week, my son had mastered the whole process. He puts them in his eyes in one shot and takes them out with no drama. Not even one small hiccup over the last few months. The kid’s a pro. I am however a complete gong show. I still can’t always get them in my eye in one shot. Usually it takes a few tries to get them in. I have days where I obviously did something wrong as they irritate me all day long. And I have the hardest time getting them out. Why can’t I get them out??? I believe there are two methods for getting them out – the pinch and the slide. I use the slide as my nails are pretty long and I am worried about the consequences of too much pinch. So I stick my finger on the contact, slide it over and out at the corner of my eye. Except what keeps happening is that when I slide it over, it disappears. Sometimes it has fallen out – yea!!! And sometimes it went right back to where it was and I have to start over – not the worst thing to happen. And sometimes it has freaking disappeared. Which means I spend 10 minutes searching the floor and counter to make sure it didn’t fall out, and another 10 playing with my eye trying to find the darn thing. At which point my eye is tearing and miserable so I take a break. I then keep going back to find it, usually to no avail.

The other day, I spent hours trying to find it and eventually gave up and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I tried again to see it and get it out but I couldn’t find it – I finally figured it must have fallen out and I just didn’t notice. So I put a new contact in. All was fine until I was in the car driving to work when suddenly my eye starts tearing up and hurting…I take a quick glance in my rearview mirror and see two freaking contacts!! It reappeared! My first instinct was to try to get it out, but I was driving (with one eye at this point) as the other one was blurry from tears. I pulled into the parking lot and immediately popped it out – but they both came out. Then I had to get one of them back in, in my car using my rearview mirror.  I got it in and was able to go about my day, but wow my eye was irritated all day long after that. I looked a little crazy with one pinkish teary eye all day. I was half sad at everything ;). You may be wondering why I don’t just give up and go back to glasses – but really, when I can do it right, contacts are awesome. And have I mentioned I am pretty stubborn about things? Stay tuned for more Contact Chronicles…

Treadmill Blues

So yesterday I am at the gym, running and reading on my treadmill as per usual. I was doing an 8km run and was going at a brisk pace, but reading made the time pass quickly. I always try to pick a treadmill on the end so that I don’t get boxed in by people, but alas all the end ones were taken. So I picked one with an empty treadmill to either side, and was happily going about my run when a big guy came and got on the treadmill to the left of me. No big deal, I said a silent prayer that he would not be a particularly smelly sweaty guy and carried on with my book. Another couple of kms go by and all of a sudden, I swear I feel a drop of liquid land on my left arm. I ignore it until again I feel a drop of liquid on my arm. I look up to make sure nothing is leaking – it has been raining a lot. OMG I think the guy beside me is sweating on me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think okay, only 3.5 km to go – I can suck this up. But then another drop lands. And another. My stomach starts to churn. I am now unable to read, just waiting for the next drop of sweat to land. I surreptitiously glare at the guy beside me. Then a few more drops land and yeah, I have to move. I don’t even care if he notices. I am out of there. The treadmill to the right of me is still open so I grab my book and move over and breathe a huge sigh of relief. Dodged that bullet. I am planning my 2 hour long shower to decontaminate myself when…what? Is that another freaking drop of sweat??? I look beside me – how is that guy’s sweat making it all the way over here? And then I realize…it isn’t his sweat at all…it’s mine. I am the gross sweaty guy. Ick. Glad I didn’t yell at him.