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Gratitude a la Oprah

I had a rough couple of days but a few things made me smile, feel loved and so thankful for the people I surround myself with. Here is today’s gratitude journal.

– I am thankful for my favourite morning Starbucks barista for making me smile while he made me an earl grey tea.

– I am thankful for my friend letting me hide out in his office today at lunch, alone, so I could drown my sorrows in one of my favourite books.

– so grateful for Twilight and Edward and Bella for taking me away for a while today.

– so happy that my friend made us a pedicure appointment and spent a great 90 minutes chilling with me while my feet were perfected.

– it brightened my day when another friend treated me to a Laura Secord French frosted mint ice cream this afternoon.

– happy to have a lovely date night out with my guy

– so excited to come home to 2 episodes of Rookie Blue and for how great the eps were.

Gosh even on a bad day I’m a pretty lucky girl aren’t I? I should do this more often!


Latest Starbucks Concoction

The kids and I have a weekly Starbucks date.  It used to be straight hot chocolates, then we tried out vanilla steamers, and lately we have been branching out and trying new things.  We like to take the bits and parts from the different drinks we like and create new, even more fabulous drinks.  Sometimes the barista makes a suggestion, sometimes we overhear someone else’s order, and sometimes it is just us getting creative.

We LOVE cereal in our house, and always have a few boxes on the go, from very nutritious to straight up sugar rush.  One of our favourites is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Our latest Starbucks concoction tastes exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal!!!  Seriously!!!  Here is the magic recipe:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Hot Chocolate

1 tall white hot chocolate

2 pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup

Whipped cream

Cinnamon dolce topping

And for the record, if they get it wrong and make it with a regular hot chocolate it tastes horrible, I have no idea why the white hot chocolate works and the regular doesn’t…Try it and let me know what you think.


New Starbucks Travel Mug

I was in Starbucks last week and noticed a new RED gift card – it is a special design by Jonathan Adler and it is so cute!  I was with a friend on Saturday at a different Starbucks and was telling her about the new gift card and how cute it was, when a Starbucks employee overheard us and pointed out the matching travel mug.  It is absolutely gorgeous!!  We both bought one and I am just in love with it.  I used it for my Joy tea misto this morning…it is ceramic and just lovely to drink out of.  It is already sold out on the website so you need to search for it in the stores…love it!! 

My new travel mug 🙂

Peppermint Mocha Time

It is my favourite time of year at Starbucks – yummy peppermint mochas abound! I wish they still had the crunchy red sprinkles on top instead of the chocolate curls, but other than that, I look forward to them all year long. It was fun that my peppermint mocha friend and I met for coffee yesterday and kicked off the season together…there is just something about the chocolaty, minty, whipped creamy goodness in a red cup :-)<div class=”wp-caption alignnone” style=”width: 2058px”Starbucks peppermint mochas

Starbucks peppermint mochas

Earl Grey Tea Misto – redux

A while ago I posted about my favourite drink – the earl grey tea misto, unsweetened. Then they brought in the new fancy tea bags, called it a latte instead of misto, and my drink went from $2.50 to $4.57. For real! For the exact same drink.

So I started only ordering it once a week and complaining a lot. Sometimes I would pay less if a gracious cashier was feeling sad for me and my exorbitant cup of tea. Last week I had an epiphany – I ordered an earl grey tea, with some steamed milk. It cost $1.96. And it is an unsweetened earl grey tea latte. Seriously! Totally bizarre – but yea! I have my daily Starbucks drink back 😉

Don’t ever mess with a woman ;-)

Don’t ever mess with a woman, even if she’s nine years old.  Here is a conversation between my daughter and I:

I arrive at dance class with her brother and I holding Starbucks cups (hers is in the car), and she walks up to me and starts to sulk and says “I can’t believe you both got Starbucks and I didn’t!” in that tone of voice that only seems possible from a  nine-year-old girl.  I look at her and say, “Have I ever gone to Starbucks and not gotten you anything?”  (meaning Have I ever gotten your brother a Starbucks and not gotten you one?)  She looks at me with defiance in her eye and says, “Yes.”  I shake my head and give her the hot chocolate I got for her when we get to the car, thinking it is over.

With a woman (even a pre-teen woman) it is NEVER over.  Every conversation is stored away for later use.  Two days later, I am bringing her to dance.  It is a Monday night class, I always hang out and read in the Starbucks next door while she dances.

My daughter looks at me all innocently and asks, “Will you be going to Starbucks today while I dance, Mom?”  I answer, “Yes,  is there anything you need me to do?”  She says, “Will you be bringing me a hot chocolate?”  I respond automatically, “No, it is late and you go to bed right when we get home.”  She looks at me all smug and victorious, “Well then Mom, you see, you DO go to Starbucks and not bring me a drink!”  I honestly just had to laugh.  Have I mentioned she is me???