Roast Chicken in a crockpot

A friend of mine on Facebook started a recipe group and I am not sure where this recipe originated, but she posted it.  It immediately intrigued me because it seemed kind of bizarre and yet simple too.  I tried it out today and it was AMAZING!!!


-One whole chicken (soak in salt water to cleanse chicken-pat to dry w/paper towels)
-Montreal Chicken Spice (I used steak spice as I didn’t have the chicken spice)
-Crock Pot
-Pam Cooking Spray
-Aluminium Foil

-Spray Crock pot with Pam Cooking Spray
-Make a few balls out of aluminum foil (golf ball size) and place on bottom of Crock Pot
-Sprinkle Damp Chicken with Montreal Chicken Spice until it is completely covered in spice
-Place on top of aluminium Foil
(Do not add any water or liquid)

Cover and cook on low for 8-10 hours until the chicken is no longer pink and the juices run clear

Chicken will roast and skin will brown and crisp just like a rotisserie chicken.


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